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Sun-Journal from Lewiston, Maine • 1
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Sun-Journal from Lewiston, Maine • 1

Lewiston, Maine
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Sf cotwA l-vy it -Wwi obfc I 1 i i -l if -J AJ-? i i' i I I I -f i kti 1 iii (ti if ''T' Peace Is The Happy State Of Man War His Corruption His Disgrace Thomson ms MVI- prf LAi I5- V1 LEWISTON EVENING JOURNAL v'-wjJT VOUJMEIU -wf LL ft 32 PAGES LEWISTON-AUBURN MAINE THURSDAY NOVEMBER 30 1972 LAST EDITION TENCENT Furtkei0 Injured As Fite Atlanta Home For Elderly Ziegler Objects To Term i 6 We Are Not Going to Have Any Comment9 On Levels 3 '-4 Slaize Confined T6 Seventh Floor WASHINGTON (AP) The Pentagon said today that the United States will continue to withdraw troops from Vietnam but the White House refused to confirm it White House press secretary Ronald Ziegler took note of a dispatch out of Saigon which said that American strength in Vietnam had been froxen and added "I don't want to use that word freeze We said would reach a certain level by Dec 1 and we have done it" Noting that when President Nixon fixed the 27000 level in August he said there would he another statement on withdrawals by Dec 1 Ziegler said: "I have just made it We are not going to have any comment on troop levels short A short time before Ziegler Vietnam would continue but on a limited basis and without any formal announcement pending the outcome of the peace negotiations Ziegler announced that the President spent several boon reviewing the entire situation iq Southeast Asia with Henry A Kissinger his national security adviser and the joint chiefs of staff Among those who oat In were Secretary of Defense Melvin Laird: Kenneth Rush his deputy Adm Thomas Moorer chairman of the Joint chiefs: Adm Elmo 2um-wait Jr chief of naval operations and Gen Creighton Abrams Army chief of staff laconchuiva Reply Ziegler was asked repeatedly whether further UA traoa withdrawals from Vietnam Down Hall spoke the Pentagon said lur-ther troop withdrawals from See TROOPS Page 14 Column 2 AUBURN ONE OF EIGHT AREAS might be made without any Room Spread By BILLIE BROWN Associated Frew Writer ATLANTA Ga (AP) Nine persona were killed and 32 injured early today when a fire wept the eeTenth floor of a ntly constructed ll-itorv for the elderly Fire of-ill laid the bUie wa confined to the seventh floor of toe Baptist Towers In southwest Atlanta -They said most of the bodies were discovered the ban Paaieked PireMarshal Jim Seagravea said the fire apparently started In one room on the sevento floor and spread down the hall Uniting several other aoart-nTt' Officials at the building saidlt holds 100 persons Witnesses said several of the elderly nersons panicked and fled down the stairs 1 heard all these people Four Die In Fire At New Orleans NEW ORLEANS Lai (AP) -Spectators jammed streets in the heart of the city as five women leaned from the 15th floor of a burning building Some wppt some proved as helicopters raced with death to rescue eight men traoned on the roof Four persons died The women on the 15th floor of the l(-story (wilding called for help as firemen tried unsuccessfully to reach them with extension lndders Ushed together were three storiesi too Mid Fire Chief Louis San Salvador He said there was a possibility of arson As the flames licked the five women began jumping With the horrified crowd watching thev plunged to a -rooftop of an adfoining building a fall of eight stories Each fall was accompanied by a scream from the crowd first girl fell said Mark Wheeler II who watched from the street "The others came out Ktfrnnersaultlhv and hitting the ease of the building as tha See NEW ORLEANS 14 1 at the direction of Congress which decided to lower me American share of the regular budget from 3152 per cent to 75 per cent in 1574 Under Ihe UN charter the assembly and its organs reserve the right to levy assessments largely cn the basis of ability to pay The reduction would have amounted to about $13 million on this year's budget Ohe United States as the largest contributor paid $64 million of uw $203 million assessed against governments Since all 132 UN mem tiers are represented at committee victory usually is considered decisive But when the Issi plenary session for final approval within the i Issue goes to a of the assemiljr come panicking and screaming down the ssid Lou Alexander who lives on first Door could hear women screaming and get They just panicked Some of them been out since thev got The $45-million building wsa Just completed in Anril One resident Otis Brewer who lives oo the 11th floor ssid the fire started riaht at 1:30 am fire alarm like the busier on my alarm clock went he said Waking from a sound sleep I thought it Was my clock flien I cot up and went to the door and I could smell smoke of us gof together and staved at one end of the he said bhoned downstairs to the office and they told us to stav where we See FIRE Page 14 Column likely to Isnse into the red on its UN The United States counted on the remaining vestiges of good will It created by helping Europe and Japan reocver from World War II to put the measure across A narrow victory was forecast la tha budget committee of the General Assembly despite opposition from the Soviet bloc Chins and many countries of Africa and Asia not yet independent when the war was fought The UA delegation acting US Hopes For Approval Of Cut In UN Assessment Safety Tested 6 to 9 Inches Of Snow Predicted Between and I Inches of snow are due to fall on the Twin Cities late tonight and tomorrow if the private weather forecasting service subscribed to by the Auburn Highway Department is correct The department has been Informed that the second major snowstorm of the still-very-young season la due to commence between and 10 tonight and continue for 12 to hours The snowflakes are due to begin on the side then change to wet Friday as tha mercury rises Accompanying the snow will be northeast winds between 10 and 20 miles per hour Auburn highway crews ore standing fay ready to swipe Into action New Bus Device Is School bus drivers In various sections of Maine Including Auburn will be testing the effectiveness of wing-out stop arms on their vehicles during the month of December Officers of the Troffie Division of the State Police hove already distributed the devices which have been provided by the Maine Department of Transportation Bus drivers testing the arms have been asked to log the number of passing violations during the month The report will be compared to similar records kept during the month of November and one to be logged during January with the buses not equipped with the arms 1 The electrically powered arms take the octagonal shape of a too sign (see photo) with the same lettering and border in white agsinst a red background See SCHOOL BUS Page 14 1 I 'i Staff Phsta bv Staatei ADDITIONAL SCHOOL BUS SAFETY FEATURE Rol and Hamel director of school transportation in Auburn point to a stop recently installed on the bus which operates on busy Center Street The extra safety device in designed to motorists more of a warning when school bpscs are preparing for a slop The unit is provided by the Maine Department of Transportation 'I By SHIRLEY CHRISTIAN Associated Press Writer UNITED NATIONS NY (AP) The United States bope4 for preliminary approval today of its quest for a reduced UN budget assessment But trouble could lie ahead and it may sound Uke a replay of the procedural mangle that accompanied China's membership IlS failure in the long ran would leave Congress and the General Assembly in open coa-fliott with the United States Nixoli In Second Meeting With South Viet Envoys Smallest Number Of Enemy Attacks Most Union Officials Praise Choice of Bramah New York "hard hat' Henry A Kissinger nation in South Vietnam' The morning meeting was set Nixon and Due a special rep-for 113A am- with Due resentative of South Vietnam's The White House also n- President Nguyen Van Thieu ndiiWccd a meeting just before- met for 2Vfc hours Wednesday hand between the President It was originally scheduled to and the Joint Chiefs of Staff last an hour Although the session with Ire Ronald La Ziegler the White Joint Chiefs was announced Houtet spokesman said the yet-only moments before it gut un- sion was very detailed dis-der way deputy press M-rfr mission and a very frank dis-tary Gerald Warren said it hut he refused to ois-had been scheduled for some close the substance of the talks time review the entiv itu-1 This attitude has marked the administration's resnonses to all questions recently about the stale of the peace negotiations and South Vietnamese sources hare indicated the While House has demanded silence on tbjii part Nevertheless diplomatic sources in Saigon said Hue would propose a Nixon-Tnleu inerting to reinforce the South Vietnamese view that no igre-nwnt should he signed tnul lacks a written pledee fur North Vietnam to withdraw all its troops from the Iai AAIGON (AP) Communistl I forces made their smallest number of attacks in South Vietnam in two! months "Se Ssixoncnmniand the ffltier there 49 ftadte I during the 24-hour period end- jng at 6 am today since 40 were reported on Sept mortar attacks against South Vietnamese marines pushing tne zewesi nortlwir from Quang Tri city had drooped off to a little more Brennan Josenh A Retrne of the AFL-CIO Communications Workers Brennan is the first trade union See UN Page 14 Column 2 official to be appointed to the Labor post since the Eisenhower administration Reims said- if Nixon really wanted to please labor he should have named a nnioo i man as secretary of henltU education and welfare AFL-CIO President' George Meany whom the White House next three weeks US diplomats expect to to ran into an opposition demand or even a chair ruling that a two-third Start By HOWARD BENEDICT AP Aereapace Writer CAPE KENNEDY Fla (AP) The launch tesm fed elec- Countdown Clock For Apollo 17 By KENNETH FREED Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON (AP) Pres Ident Nixon arranged a second meeting today with South Vietnam's special envoy Nguyen Phu Due at the White House to continue discussions on the Vietnam peace negotiations Due also met this morning at the White House for the second time separately with presidential national security advisw manned space flight Other early activity Included filling the water tanks of the lunar and command ships Challenger and America The clock read 104 houni 30 minutes as It started It will he halted at several planned points to provide launch crew rest periods and catchuo time for any item that might fall behind schedule Key events in the countdown than 1000 rounds Wednesday-Marine casualties were When asked if Due ad posed a face-to-face for the two chief P'O- mee ing wuiai his knowledge than one million gallons of fuel The astronauts who will US and South Vietnamese officials claim one reason for the generally low level of activity ia that North Vietnamese units are as much as 50 cent understrength and in eases short of ammunition food B52 demiI-and other supplies INDOCHINA Paga 14 1 codsuhed in advance nr tne anointment com-1 very good men ted was a choice and he'll make a fine secretary of labor' 1 Longshoreman's Union psi-dent Thomas Gleason sa'd Brennan is "a very capable guv He conies nut of a I lone-shoreman familv so ha must be See LABOR Page 14 Column 1 trical power to a Saturn rocket today to start the long countdown for Apollo 17 the last U1 journey to the moon In the foreseeable future The countdown rlock began ticking right on schedule at :30 am EST aiming for liftoff of the giant rocket at 9:53 pm next Wednesday the first night launching of a UA The landing site is named However he also explained Taurus-Lfttrow and is that Due was Thieu's snecial in the northeast quadrant of the representative and indicated It aid Evans olanned to soendlmoon on the edge of the Sea of US-VIETNAM 14 most of the day in soaceship Serenity The touchdown point simulators rehearsing Lie! a mountain-ringed valley launching and the firing out of which Ceman the Apollo 17 can-1 Sec Rogers jTop Dept To Stiy Several Posts Reshuffled seven hours They are to drive ta their Quest for unar ecretl- While orbiting alone will operate a set of strumente intended to determine the compositios of the moon down to a depth of three-quarters of a mile measure constituents and the almi Evans mw in- scribed as light Monsoon rains slowed ground fighting along the northern at the Paris peace will be nominated as oik of State for politW affaire -succeeding Johnson Johnson and Irwin have asked to take an other which they are con-' By NEIL GILBRIDE Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON (AP) President Nixon's choice of build-lnr trades Under to be his secrete ry of labor brought a rush of public oraise from moat union officials Some elements of organised labor-however especially those whir auDomted -Sen George McGovern for President: were -mnfcled over the selection of Where to Find It Shi Journal Ama Loader Cartoons (Classified Crossword 27 gg 2 22 a 27 -Id 1 TV Radio Aamscawate i- 'Weather Forecast for Maine: Snow tonight with up to I in rr accumulation Lows In the 70s Friday chance of fallowed Ire clearing southwest portions and uitenng to flurries elsewhere Highf to the 30s Smbmh css cm- LtnaMi-re ew tea mtm Daw bthm an If ahi earth orbit toward the moon It is their last day of formal training On Friday they un- Include installation or pyrotech-Jdergo an extensive physical ex-nie devices activating bat- and from Saturday teries loading the command until launch day thev nave: rocks perhaps dating back iklp's power-producing fuel-1 -hoie of how thev want billion -vears 10 tne birth or the: cells servicing tne two apace rr for tta liaM An moon They also hope to find very material maybe only IN million years old arid numnin vehicle and pumping more commander calls a Here they hope to explore mountains and a volcanic valley in a search for very loT tha niht I(Itort nriew MUi0ns I pertinent He will succeed John gotfator Irwin William Casey chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission be undersecretary of State for economic affairs a newlv created post talks deraecretary cal Alexia Both bees signments By FRANCES LEWTNE Associated Frets Writer WASHINGTON (AP) Pres ident Nixon has decided to keeo Secretary of State William Rogers in his second term but has reshuffled several top positions st the department the White House announced today Presidenhial press secretary nonexistent lunar atmosphere: Ronald Ziegler said Kenneth and draw a thermal map of now secretary of region ovr which the com- TWn" -n Defense will be nominated a A New Direction in Home Improvement Loans "120 LOAN" NORTHEAST BANK Of Lewiston A Auburn i IMrtAHli LEWISTON a AUBURN LISBON geology briefings or flying T3I jet planes in proficiency runs Ceman and Schmitt the first scientist picked for apace flignt are to land on the moon Dec 11 for a record stay of 75 hours during which they plan three surface excursions each lasting Union Mkt 159 Oak Strait Lewiston Canter Cut PORK CHOPS n89 Bar'S All Meat lb rftt WIENERS pkflOy No 1 POTATOES 10A57 1099' Pink or White GRAPEFRUIT deouty secretary of State the xecond-hiehest nos! in the de- NAK1NG RESTAURANT AAonthru Frl Chinese Noon And Supper Specials Orders To Toko Out Cocktail Served Tel 712-3522 "id abid America passe Startling STRETCHEES bT Spinnerin Lost Valley Open 12 to 9 niOh tiocs PwWmS 7:31 Cm HOT Ml yimiir ot UwinM MMliSM- T- H- 1 i c-.

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