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Sun-Journal from Lewiston, Maine • 1
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Sun-Journal from Lewiston, Maine • 1

Lewiston, Maine
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---t I rl V-1 i To See AndLUunToTheWickedIgAlrecyTJie Beginning: Of Wickednesstfmucius -i v- 1 wr: 1-1 TOMORROWS ALMANAC Sun rises 7:14 sets 4:15 Lengthofday JJn1 min Day's Increase li mina old High Tides Portland 5:47 pm Weather WARMER 'm' (Camptate forecari at paga VOLUME 103 14 PACES IJEW1STQNAIJBIJR MAINE MONDAY-JANUARY 6-1964 LASTEDUTION PRICE SEVEN CENTS eciaJl At Least Two Weeks Seen Likely Reapportionment Employment Security Controversial Failed City Has To Keep Marcotte AUGUSTA (AP) lOlit Legislature returned to the State Home today for a apedal (Caftan called to cope with the 'controver aial problema of House 'reapportionmant and the Employment Security Law It was aummoned by Gov to convene at 4 pm with taaka on its agenda likely to embroil the members In debate itnd backstage dispute for the batter part of two and some observers' fay more Beapporttaomeat A reapporttonment attempt was decreed when the voters on Nov 5 approved in referendum a new constitutional method-of dividing the 151 House seats by population The amendment which now must be activated Jy statute wis designed to remove recognliedlnequitief These are the arbitrary limit of seven -seat for Portland and-tha provision for giving the bene (it of fractional excesses of pop By PAUL MARCOTTE new businessman Roland Marcotte who served the eity in the same capacity a dozen years ago took over the reins of a new municipal gov-' ernment today urging a new look for the a new attitude "on- the" part pf-city- officialaAnd an enT chronic the destructive forces who are alwayn 'against -for the sake of being against' and intensified efforts to overcome unemployment "There must be the fullest governmental cooperation and a dedicated community effort that needs the talents brainy and faithful effort of every responsible in our city if-Liwia problema -areto be if tha- 1 itLjPhrB 1 1 PfOMrlck THE NO- 1 mayor Roland Marcotte vowed increased effort to "do away-with-unemployment and to npiiftfffpjO Tomeiuoftha-niI treat area wages as he delivered hig inaognral today ulation to the amaUer eountiea and towns The corrections will take teats and give them to the urban and also win city is to take the first steps toward brighter future" larcotte said hi his inaugural at city hall "Open the Door The new mayor also urged an opening of the door to cloacrrelationawith acroea-the-Androacopgin Anbnm sdggeating appointment of a committee which would study the possibilities of one-eommunity action in the future "This is only a vision but from such visions have eome he realities that have meant better things and better liv-ng the city hall audience waa told Inaugural Notes PMlbrkk CITY CLERK SWEARS IE HEW BOARD OP ALDERMEN Surrounded by a highly-decorated stage red-white-and-blue bunting pins a large array of flowers City Clerk Lucien Lebel center left la shown administering the oath of office to the new aeven-man Board of Alderman at inauguration' today Lebeb then administered the-oath-of-MayOFTRoland-LMarcotte-aeated-at-eenter-right-Reading clockwise ronutop lefVftbove LebcL Ward FouxJUderman Leo St Pierre Alderman 6e6rge Call Ward Three Bruce JrClark Ward Two William Donovan JrWard-OneTthe-mayorYEmile Jacques-Ward Seven Paul CoutnreWard Six and Hobert Couturier Ward Seen seated between Call and Cluk is former Auburn Mayor Rosaire Halle -Criria require extensive rearrangement within moat counties UkelyTsr-Be Delayed Arr Informal committee has worked out a reapportionment ean which has beemrevtowed the county delegations and political committees Althou there ta apparently substantl agreement on the' plan there ta enough (Usient so that passage of the act is likely to be delayed RwLJtjiaWjJiezmyeto an Employment Security Act re-virion which- the legislature passed in regular session and and of all the facts most ly because tbeaginera1 hid aamore immediately-appeal- mg programme The lnti-UR forces -were labri- ed by Mayor Marcotte The text or tho sd- dreu I the hour and of-the-Lewiston-Ctbr Administration inaug-ural did not out the anticipated audience this morning at Lewiston City iHslfc In an address waa praised by many who heard it1 as a forceful frank yet optimistic message to the citizens of the city Mayor Marcotte arid Lewiston currently ta file midst of a resulting fromJhe jfodJhst tbertty government has ta tary march wai'ataudpai the party indudinjg many former- Lewiston and prominent political figures from both Lewiston and Auburn entered the hall Noticeable too when Mayor Marcotte was giving hia lnau-guralritidmentionenhe poasl bility that sometime ta the fu-turd the cities of Lewiston and Auburn might combine into one city was that State Representative Louis Jalbert turned his headand made a remark that caiued wide smilea- among th Auburn delegation See NOTES Page 6 Column 5 Maymr Address" Education Bd Clifford City Lawyer will propose an alternative apparently closely similar to another lull the legislature defeated addition" the governor proposing a $445000 appropria- Sea LEGISLATURE 5 Cd pace with the times and to prepare for the future luring the lengthy address he called for: Increased effects to overcome lemploymeri low earrings and insecurity -(under -proper direction fronTthe office he said the industrial development department achieve its highest degree of success in the years VR BRUCE HUNTINGTON Leytoton Mayor Roland Marcotte inaugurated today for a third term as mayor surprised many people with bis closely guarded list of Police Commission George Poulin- 55-Rnoz SL Planning -Board' Joseph Roy 8 Buahey Circle Board of Health and" Welfare Roland Carbonneau 51 Pleasant SL communities like many humans pretend to believe they can solve their problems by avoiding them They deceive themselves by loudly voictag the need for progress then go about defeiting thc fleeting the change like humans exist is a modem world where materialism is a Hnwifating false god where the essence ta of-the-day-s fight competition admit the requirements of the times and meet everyday life with realism common-sense and awareness of cur- rent needs communities do not recognize the cold hard facts of municipal life become self-satisfied or indifferent and are content with mediocrity they nvariably turn their backs on the truths of world and become progressively irresponsible ta uirir local self nils As their problems compound their difficulties increase and eventually they stagnate and are destroyed finally 1 Democratic candidate! for af-fice on the state level Bosse Twin Lewiston is a former' member of the Lewiston Parking Dis-frict having been named in 1961-by- Mayor Jacques A native of Van Buren he eame to Lewtaton at an early age Bosse graduated' from Lewiston High School and Chester College of Mechanical Dentistry at Boston He ta a veteran of naval service In World War and the Korean Conflict Carbonneaa Carbonneau 43 to a well known Lewtaton grocer operating Market on Pine St He is a former president of LIFT (Lewtaton Improving' for Tomorrow) and served as chairman of the group which rataed the funds to build Lewiston's first venture building in the Industrial Park the Then werefnrpeDple-ieKt-cd during the fine program of band music presented by Lew ieton High School Band under the direction of Robert Rabas-a from 10:80 to 11 but as the moment arrived for the pro- cession of the- incominggov- ernment and guests the people talking in the hidls and the City Hall employes filed into the hall Flowers Teo Iwiraouie uHhc-flowi for the stage were late in arriving and they were be- tag rushed onto the stage as the inaugural party was lining up at the entrance Lewiston High Color Guard led the pmcesrion followed by Right RCv Msgr James Savage pastor of SL Joseph's Chum Lewiston 'and Mayor-elect Roland Marcotte Among the spectators in dm audience wee Mrs Mabel Fur- bush Call of George Call Alderman from- Ward 3 --who was serving his second term Mrs Call widow of Dr Ernest Call of Lewiston had witnessed -her father George Furbush inaugurated as Mayor of Lewtaton inl900-i901 and now 64 yean later was on hand fur the inaugural cere-monies that included her ion She also was muefr inter-estad la the Lewiston- High School Band of which her Carbonneau also served as county coordinator ta the cam-paign of Attorney Frank Coffin for the governorship He ta-a-Democrat- He -wu-named Maine Grocer of the year ta 1962 Archaaabaatt Dr Archambault a member of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons opened bis local office in 1948 He ta orthopedic surgeon at the Central Maine General Hospital In 1962 he won nomination as a Republican candidate' for the Legislature but lost out in the regular election later in the year Clifford Attorney Clifford ta a graduate of Boston University Law School and ta associated with the law firm of Cliff curd and Clifford He ta president of the Lewiston-Auburn Area Chamber of Commerce having served for several years ta various building now housing Paragon Glass WorfarHe iCTved In the State Board It was- only momenta before the inauguration that political observers finally ferreted out one of the closely guarded names which would be announced1 at the end of the inaugural Heading the list of appointees was former Corporation Counsel Philip Isaacson who was named to the Board of Finance The corporitioncounsel post held for the put two' years by Attorney John Kivus went to Attorney Jere -Clifford a former alderman Other appointments: Attorney Isaacson served Lewiston four terms av corporation counsel having first hem appointed by Mayor Ernest Malenfant in 1154 A graduate of Harvard Law School he wu admitted to the Maine -Bar ta 1950 A noted expert on primitive and Polynesian art Isaacson also serves on the board of directors of the Portland Art Society He served chairman of committee in 1980 set by Mayor Emile Jacques to review Lewiston Zoning Ordinance and ta a member of a present committee studying needed changes in the criminal procedures T-ttt: the 101st Legislature "worked to arrive at an Suitable apportionment propo-L and he asked the legiria-tora to give their support to the legislation Oanfldenee withering crass tanoranc Uertaeaa self-deception Plaantag- Fin Commission Dr Philip Archambault 873 College SL Hoard Works Au-rde Boase 58 Charles SL Board of Education Dr Mil-ton Ltadholm 12 Ndke Place'--: of Bar Examiners he has been active ta Lewiston-Auburn Uni- US Army ta World War and ta a member- of the Army Isuqson Is i noted Maine Democrat and has served ta an advisory capacity to several lOlit Legislature- convening ta special aesaion to deal "with "several -matters of urgency including reapportionment of the House was told by John-H- Reedthiiafter-that tt has the duty to enact appropriate legislation delay1' and warned that failure of the legislature to do sa-wotUd by law place apportionment within the jurisdiction of the Supreme Judicial Court of thr State of In 4 to a joint session of the House and Senate Gov Reed told the lawmakers that a bf-partisan committee -created by leaders of See BOARDS Page 6 7 grandson Ernie ta mem- her so there was a four gen eration tie-up for-the Call family at lnaugura- tka For the' first time In years to the waa not the processional music for the ta-lp augural party but a amart mill- am certain that you will meet this responsibility ta a manner that will prpve worthy of the confidence that Maine dtizena have ta their Legislature the governor declared -The goveraor also advised the legiriatori of the possibility of construction of a $4000000 plant by the Denison Mining Company ta the Blue HUl area and said legislation would bo introduced ta connection with the plana Such a riant the governor said would produce 1000 tons of ora per day employ'' between 200 and $50 Maine people and have an annual payroll of $1000000 The operation would "bring great economic benefit to the Hancock Conty area and to the entire state" the govembr said See TEXT Page 12 Column 1 rimri-andnday-m-iiseniF tagly vital role ta flu Local Industry A change af attitefo toward local Industry (it must not be regarded a natural whose only value lies ta extent of Its payroll and the size of its tax bfit-we must recognise that this community ta in Partnership with its industry Md Marcotte declared) A-stady of bog-term 9Mh and broadening of the tax base (needed we maymive at a more equitable rate of taxation and give relief to property owners the- tax burden must be placed nearer' the area of the new mayor declared Qnitioa of a water and sewer nririct (in connection with the previous) A "CTri ef attitnde toward tee Planning Board (necei the mayor said if the city 4a arrive an orderly methodical approach-to our Capital Improvement Program and ike an attempt to tiie tax rate for the A broadentag of the city's educational scope to Include as expanded vocational training curriculum in the public schools- Aabon -Clbaer relationships with the dty of Ankara (steps should be taken the mayor said to explore the poisibilities of and make -a serious study of tiw contained in Lewtaton and becoming a angle cite tinceron many oc-caaiotu-Mn sense are haVe been to the advantage of he urged formation -of a committee inn both -rifles which would work for a com-nuta purpose for a larger stronger and aounder municipal Aa end' to aril political (such must no longer he associated with the conduct of public burineu- he uid the vigor and energy ordinarily waited in such activity uould be transformed a powerful force for the general The new mayor alio took note of the recent battle against Urban Renewal f' -Le -citizens have been subjected to -a bar- rago of organized propaganda against Urban Renewal from both selfish groups within the cite and -outside forces he told his a i -i vT r-y 1 f-! 1 :4 ss (I- Here is a SALE truly a 1 50 off NATURAL BRIDGE Now 597 to 747: is a fact of our aatfcawl life ta tiie United States teat prognaa cornea only to tifooe cities tint on ready for png- that prosperity and occur-ity belong only to those localities where -there is alertness planning modem improvements and a realism 'which' makes them prepared acceptable and flexible enough to survive in a fast-changing and highly exacting economy It is also true that our gnat free system evolved from and has been sustained by a olvtae blend of integrity in dustry and the highest Ideals of And tills moral structure the yeam-nf our history has repulsed every onslaught of those who would dee-' troy freedom and liquidate human dignity War and Its results brought aboat many vast changes in our nation and the world Great social and scorn omic revolution! bin super charged our existence and mors recently the arrival of the Space Age has caused au impact -that ia felt even in the once moat remote pieces of necessity and the need for survival In a shrunken world independence-has been replaced by Interdependence Among nations ta national suicide: even at the community level It mens self destruction No city la an ialind no community stands alone There to no foogcr any wch thtar safety ta distance Nor ta there complete detaefament from the routine happenings of 7 the world country the great let for modern progress bee eliminated the phrase for parking time now means fuling bach The times our unique ear 1 rittan and the high gear ef our eeooomy make ua reifootihla tor lurvlvri of the frw wmS and tpa hast for this defoase See INAUGURAL I CL I a i Court To Rule On School Issuer WASIIINGtBnCAP The Supreme Court agreed today to ride on requests that it- takd prompt final action to reopen public schools of County Va on a desegregated basis by next September ZH DICKERSON Be? 1995 to' 2295 Now 997 to 1147 1 1 Soecial groups of women's shoes ta seasonal tylea and leathers AAAA to size to but not ta every style tyl "They city hall audience County education officials closed Prince Edward public schools in 1959 to' a void court-ordered desegregation The Prince Edward racial controversy-has- been ta courts since May 1951 It war our of the original school desegregation cases decided prune Cotirt ta 1954 In 1955 the Supreme Court returned the ease to hnyyr fed cral She' with initructlons UBTPago 5 Cbliihin 1 Boot Shop 12D LISBON ST LEWISTON attempted to make an issue -out of Urban Renewal in the past campaign- go fortunately many people believed in what 'they paid because they were not aware uf the- whole story GEORGE rOULIN JERE CLIFFORD i -j PHILIP' ARCHAMBAULT ROLAND CARBONNEAU "St M' fv i- t- i-i 'I -'2 -f iii i 1 1 a- -i J- 4-a rr r-t tote.

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